Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 9 - End of the Day Recess

My teaching partner and I saw a super cute end of the year activity on Pinterest. You fill balloons with fun activities for a length of time, we chose the month of May since we get out on the 23rd, and each day your class pops one and does the activity inside. I thought I would write each day about the activity that got "popped." We explained to them that if they were below Green (Ready to Learn) on the clip chart, then they wouldn't be able to participate. Once everyone understood the expectations we were ready to pop...

So today they popped "End of the day recess."  On any other day we would have been thrilled with this, but it was a Friday which already meant some extra time after lunch.  Also, we have this cool event 4 times a year at our school called Exploration Friday where volunteers from the community come in and teach the kids about everything from gardening to cooking to pets.  It's super awesome, but means that they get an extra recess thrown in after the two classes.  So they spent a lot of time outside today.  They didn't mind, we were just hoping to have had that one on a day that they really needed some extra play time.

Side note:  We have been thinking about how we would do this next year, and we may color code balloons so that we can have a better idea of planning.  More on that in another post...

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