Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 15 - Half Pencils

My teaching partner and I saw a super cute end of the year activity on Pinterest. You fill balloons with fun activities for a length of time, we chose the month of May since we get out on the 23rd, and each day your class pops one and does the activity inside. I thought I would write each day about the activity that got "popped." We explained to them that if they were below Green (Ready to Learn) on the clip chart, then they wouldn't be able to participate. Once everyone understood the expectations we were ready to pop...

Today was a half day.  Don't ask me why our last three days are 1/2 day, full day, 1/2 day, but that's what it is and so we dealt with it.  Half days don't leave much room for a whole lot so we thought it would be fun to make it 1/2 pencil day.  Jill's husband works at a golf course, so the 1/2 pencils are free flowing.  This kids had a blast and thought it was funny to have to use 1/2 pencils on a 1/2 day.

Sorry for the lack of a picture, I was out celebrating my 30th birthday!

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