Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring is in the Air

WOW!  That's really all that I can say about the past few weeks in my room.  This year I was blessed cursed with a group of very spirited children.  I have 7 or so kid's out of 22 total that are just really hard to manage. Which means keeping them at separate tables is a no go.  I've tried every technique known to man, from clip charts, to spending time in other rooms, to making them all work together, to try and correct the aggressive, snarky, disrespectful behaviors, to no avail.  I had one of them tell me "summer is getting close and we are just excited!"  Trust me kiddo, SO AM I!  One of those students was suspended for the 4th (4TH!!!) time today in as many weeks...when is enough enough?!?

In a last ditch effort, I busted out our new carpet that I got through Donor's Choose.  It has 30 colored squares and each student now has a place to call their own.  I was trying to wait until our school moved into our new building in the fall, but if ever a class needed some structured space during whole group, this is it!  So my question is this, how do you deal with your "spirited" children?  How do you handle repeat offenders? Any advice is welcome...only one more month to go...