Monday, August 10, 2009

What a day!

Well, I survived. I don't know how I survived, but I'm still standing and I'm going back tomorrow!

The day started off great. I was up nice and early, picked up my friend and got to school in enough time to get everything done that I planned to get done. Then the bell rang...

I was not prepared for the rush of parents, kids and questions that came on. There was also a parent volunteer trying to wrangle parents about how their child was getting home. So I survived the first 10 minutes and then realized that my TV wasn't plugged in and we couldn't see announcements. Oh well, no biggie. That was just the beginning, I used the word "decipher" with a room full of 1st/2nd graders! Seriously?? They all looked at me like I had 4 heads. My kids will have a great vocabulary, that's for sure!

With all the stress that I felt, as I look back at the day, there were certainly a lot of positives! They love our classroom pets (2 birds and a turtle). They are super excited about our "Scoop Up A Good Book" reading program (it's amazing what ice cream can make a child do!). Everyone was able to walk quietly in the hall to the restroom, and we got compliments. Our People Hunt game was also a huge success, they loved it! Not to mention, some of my kiddo's from last year, came back to visit me (during their homeroom, but at least they came, LOL!)

So looking back, I can laugh at what went wrong and learn from it, and I know that it will get easier. Also, thank you so much to all of my ANLC family for the support and kind words, as well as a shoulder to lean on.

Day two...bring it on!

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