Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nose Pickers, Tattle Tales and SMARTBoards

Nose Pickers
I knew that teaching little ones would mean more germs, more gooey noses, more coughs and sneezes; I knew it was coming, but I still wasn't prepared for this...
Student 1: "I can touch my brain!"
Student 2: "no way"
Student 1: sticks his finger up his nose, pulls it out with "goo" on it, and says "see, this is my brain"
Student 2: "Cool!!"
Gotta love the little ones!!

Tattle Tales
He said, she said, I said stop the tattle tales! Wow, I forgot how badly they like to get each other in trouble. From the minor to the major and everywhere in between, I'm more of a referee then a teacher. I've started asking them "are you tattling?" and that seems to stop them until the next incident occurs. It's taken me by surprise how much attitude some of these 6-8 year olds have. It's like they've never been told they can't do something before! That has been the biggest challenge so far, wish me luck.

It's in! It's finally installed and working! I love it, it has been so much fun playing with it the past few days. The kids have loved it too. I've taught just about every lesson using the SB. It's completely interactive and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you should look it up online and explore it. It's keeping the kids attention for longer too which is very nice and they all get to be involved in the lessons.

Life in GLEAM 1 is fun (they keep me laughing), tiring (bed at 7:30?!), loving (constant hugs!), dirty (can you touch your brain?) but most of all great!

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  1. Better keep lots of tissues on hand and lots of hand washing for you and the kids!
    Just Me!