Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Love My Little People!

I made it! One whole week with 1st and 2nd graders. After Monday I wasn't sure I would make it through Tuesday, let alone a full week but I did, and it was great!

Not only have they made me laugh every single day (I had one student tell me he was Michael Jackson's grandson and then show me the moon walk and crotch grab), they have taught me to be patient (it takes lots of patience to hear your name called by 20 students at the same time), to love (spontaneous hugs are the best) and to play (who doesn't like a good game of "Simon Says"). It certainly hasn't been easy, it took until the end of the week for me to take my 5/6 "goggles" off and put my 1/2 "goggles" on, but I'm getting it, little by little.

I have an amazing support system at school. Every teacher has checked in on me, offered me bits of advice, and even a shoulder to cry on. My administration team has been wonderful and patient as I try to maneuver my way into 1/2 territory and the parents have been very kind and understanding.

I may not have it down just yet, but I can say that after a week of ups and downs, I am ready for the challenges ahead. Like my great friend Elizabeth said in the copy room yesterday we "have the road map, now we have to get in the car and drive!" And after some reflection this week, I can honestly say that I love my little people!

Until next time...

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  1. the kids are new at it too! so you guys will all get into your own groove, and it will be together! the best thing about the little guys is, you can fake it! and they will never be any the wiser! ha ha!