Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to School Linky Party

Jodi over at Fun In First is hosting a linky party about back to school activities. 

Fun in First

The teacher next door to me is a close friend of mine.  We teach with our "doors wide open."  Not literally, but sometimes it is!  We do a lot together.  So in order to introduce the kids to one another and allow them the chance to meet the other teacher we do our first snack time together. 

We bring together our two classes and talk about what good friendship looks like.  We make a list on the board as we brainstorm together.  Then we get out various snacks that we have brought in like pretzels, animal crackers, chex, peanuts (check allergies first!), dried fruit and some M & M's.  Then we talk about how we like each one by itself, but how all together it tastes so much better, just like doing things with your friends is so much more fun.  We mix it together and serve snack to our classes. 

It's a delicious snack and super fun first day activity!

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  1. Thanks for linking up. What a fun idea.