Monday, July 1, 2013

You know school is starting soon when....

Oh boy!  It has begun....dreams about school!  You know school is starting soon when you start dreaming about the upcoming year.

In last nights dream it was the first day of school and EVERYTHING was different!  The school, the location, the rules.  I went into the office to check my mail and there were people in there that had to do it for us.  We weren't allowed to make copies, walk into the office, check our mail, nothing!  Now, I'm all for some help but it was seriously insane.  And, we hadn't had our retreat (I plan our staff retreat every year) yet and school was already starting.  Not to mention our school was in a brand new location and you had to cross streets to get from one building to another.

Have any of you had strange "back to school" dreams yet? Or am I the only crazy one?!?!


  1. Yes! I have totally started with the "back to school dreams" too!! I didn't realize you blogged! Thanks for commenting- now I can follow you too! Ps- tried to email you back from your blog comment and you didn't have the email set up!

    1. Weird...I thought I had my email set up...I'll have to double check. I start the year with lots of blogging, then I get really bad at it! Oops! Thanks for the follow :)