Monday, October 10, 2011

When I Grow Up

My class just wrapped up a unit on Community and Community Helpers.  We started off by talking about what a community is and what you find in a community.  Once they had a hang of that, we talked about all the people that help a community run smoothly.  They worked in groups to come up with a community helpers for each letter of the alphabet, then we worked as a whole class to come up with one helper for each letter.  Once that list of compiled, each kid drew a community helper out of the bowl to make a page for our "Community Helpers A to Z" book.  It came out super cute!  I will try to post the page that we used later (it's at school and I'm at home on Fall Break).  

Next, we invited parents to come in to share about their jobs.  We had 6 parents between 2 classes; police officer, fire fighter, interior designer, graphic designer, lawyer and insurance agent.  The kids rotated through the 6 jobs and completed a bubble map at each station.  The kids had a blast learning about their jobs!

Finally, to wrap up the unit, each student did a "When I Grow Up" project.  The had to write a "report", complete a project and dress up.  Then we had a Celebration of Learning for everyone to share!  I was totally impressed with the quality of work that all my kids did as well as how much they learned.  

I have included the report page and the project guidelines.  Feel free to use, but please leave a comment below in return.

When I Grow Up

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  1. This is great. Thanks for sharing! :) We'll be using it this quarter.