Friday, May 7, 2010

Mom's and Muffins

Who knew that in just a few days time one could plan a most fabulous Mother's Day Event?!  Well me, of course!

When I presented my Mom's and Muffins (borrowed from a lovely friend/teacher) idea to Jill on Monday her response was "ummm...No."  LOL!  Well I changed her mind and we started planning.  We picked a day and time, whipped up some fill in the blank invites for the kids to make and decided on food and drink.  There were even 2 homemade gifts that all got started and finished within the week.  It all came together really well.

I spent Thursday night at Costco, staring at muffins, just trying to pick some out.  Why was that so difficult?  Not sure!  I ended up with 1 dozen very large muffins and a package of small muffins.  Thank you to one mom that brought some goodies for us, what a huge help!  I also ended up with some daisies for the kids to give to their moms.  The perfect touch.

Well, needless to say that all (and when I say all, I mean every mom showed up!!!!) of the moms loved the homemade gifts.  Each kid made a book about their mom with various info like mom's age, favorite sport and favorite color.  We also made a class book "20 Uses for a Mom" in which every kiddo had their own page with their own "use."  It was really cute and the mom's all seemed to get a kick out of it.

So now we're on to the next event.  We couldn't possibly leave out the dads.  So upcoming will be Dad's and Donuts.  Jill, has said "no" for now!

I'll keep you posted...

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