Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pencils for Snack

I am pretty sure that every kid in my class eats pencils. There, I've said it!

I have handed out over 500 pencils this year, yes I said 500! Where in the world do they go? I've tried everything from keeping a flower pot of pencils with the take one/give one philosophy to giving each table 4 pencils with their table number on it to not giving out pencils at all. I've had the kids search the floor, under and behind shelves and inside cubbies.

It's to the point now, that I give one student a pencil to complete an assignment, we go out to recess and then for the next assignment, they ask me for another pencil. WHAT?!?!

When I taught 5/6 I would give them a pencil for a shoe. Then when they gave me the pencil back, they could get their shoe back. But, my 1/2's would be happy to go without shoes, in fact, most of my kids, at some point in the day, will be without shoes.

So...what to do? Do I not hand out any more pencils? Do I keep handing out pencils? I'm out of ideas so I'm putting it out there! Any and all ideas welcome...

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