Monday, November 16, 2009

My 3-Day adventure

I know this is a teaching blog, for the most part, but for today it's all about my latest it is!
Day 1

The 3:30 alarm came way too soon! Just when I thought I was ready, I wasn't. Tiffany showed up on time and of course my shoes weren't on, my bags weren't in the car and I ran out of time to eat the breakfast I had planned on. But, we made it out the door and only forgot 2 things (sunglasses and chapstick). Arriving at the Conway house to Kerry decorating the car set the tone for the rest of the weekend. We received our crowns, waited for Melinda (who we learned is usually a little late) and we were off.

At about 6:30 we arrived at opening ceremonies and experienced our very first porta-potties. These would be heaven over the next 72 hours! After potty breaks, check-in and our first group photo it was time for opening ceremonies to begin.

Opening ceremonies were emotional. There were cheers and tears, ups and downs, warm-ups an finally walking. The warm ups were tricky. Being squished with 1800 women and being asked to do knee raises and squats is not so easy. But we made the best of it as we would for the rest of the weekend. Were definitely ready to get going!  Being with experienced 3-Day walkers on our team, they knew to get us to the front and center of the holding area.  This meant we were some of the first to get started.  We left the area walking through the cheers of 1800 men and women as well as countless spectators.  They scanned our badges and we were off!

Days 1-3

There is so much to talk about the remainder of the 3 days.  So I'm going to sum it up with this list...

10 Things I Learned on the 3-Day

1.  Porta Potties are heaven sent
2.  Blisters can be dealt with
3.  Horn honking after mile 12 is annoying
4.  Women can do the impossible
5.  A high five can get you at least one more mile
6.  there is 1 weekend a year when all thing "boobie" is ok (even if your 7!)
7.  there are more names for boobies then you might think
8.  Fanny packs are Gods gifts to walkers.  They can hold everything, 
and I mean everything you need to survive!
9.  Stickers are fun and motivating.  We will stand in the long line for a smiley face!
10.  When you think you can't, you can! When you know you can, you will!

 There you have it.  My 3-Day experience rolled into a list of 10.  Of course there are many more like how powerful twizzlers are, how the cheesiest song soon becomes your favorite, how flip flops never felt so good, how a piece of cardboard can make the most comfortable of seats!

The closing ceremonies were pretty fantastic.  My entire family surprised me by showing up (mom, dad, mother in law, husband, aunt, uncle, 5 cousins, 1 best friend and my inspiration for walking, Denise).  It was a beautiful experience. 
I will definitely do it again and I encourage any of you to do it also! 


  1. Awesome blog post! I loved it! Except for the Melinda's always late part?! What's up with that?! lol Love you Sole Sister! Hope to walk with you again in the future!

  2. great blog Aly, you're amazing. love you