Monday, October 26, 2009

Back in Action

I'm back! I know that I've been gone for a while, but with good reason...a fever :(

I was out of commission for about 8 days, 5 of which were school days. I never, ever thought I would have to miss an entire week of school. But I did, and the kids survived. I had 2 amazing substitutes that were able to fill in the blanks on those lesson plans. There are no words to describe how fantastic my fellow teachers were. They printed my lesson plans, came up with activities, kept care of my pets and even rearranged their schedules to make mine work.

It's no fun to be out for a week, but I realized that the world won't come to an end if I can't be there, it make get off kilter, but it won't end! Not only did I miss a week because I was sick, the following week was Fall Break. Many said "you're so lucky to have 2 weeks off" but in all honesty, I would have done anything to be at school instead of sick! Seriously!

When I got back, I was exhausted. It wasn't so easy to come back, get organized and get back in the swing of things. Not to mention, it was the week of report cards, conference set up, benchmark grading among other things. Which brings me to my next cards!

WOW! I thought they were hard to do for big kids, boy was I wrong. What really threw me off, was that the report card was exactly the same, word for word, standard for standard. Most of the report card could work for any grade, but the reading and writing section should be worded a little bit differently. Perhaps it's just cause I'm new to the little ones, but it was a challenge. After about 6 hours all together, report cards were done (thanks mom for copying and stuffing them for me!)

Next up are conferences, which I quite enjoy. I love to meet the parents and it really gives me a great idea about why their kids are the way they are. It will be a busy week for sure, collaboration day, conferences, half days, field trip, picture re-takes, and of course Halloween!

Halloween, for those of you that know me, is my least favorite day of the year! So of course, when I realized that the kids would be dressing up for Halloween on Friday, I took the day off. I have full confidence in my wonderful sub and my room parents. I can't wait to see pictures (it's live and in person that freaks me out!) and hear all about it, but this week, as Halloween quickly approaches, I'm steering clear of all things Halloween.

I promise not to stay away as long this time, I'll be back next week to update you all on this crazy week, see you then!

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