Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You remember that Staples commercial from a while back where the dad was singing and dancing down the aisles of back to school supplies and the kids were not so excited?!?  Yeah...I'm that guy when I spot School Supplies in the stores...I'm a dork...I know!  There is nothing like buying new supplies for new little hands and a new year.  I love it :) is the commercial...

Staples Back To School

Believe it or not this is my last weekend of freedom until at least October.  That is when school will get a much needed 1 week break!  I really can't believe how fast this summer as gone and that I'll be back to the grind in less then 48 hours!

The past week has been a busy one.  Lots of time spent in my room getting ready and lots of hours not slept thinking about everything that had to and still needs to get done before 7:45 AM on Monday.  I really couldn't have done it without my mom!  She really is the one responsible for getting my room organized and in tip-top shape.  I've never been one to enjoy the tedious tasks such as pencil sharpening and folder stuffing.  I'm much better at seeing the bigger picture.  My mom spend countless hours this week filing, sorting, cleaning, sharpening, filling, stapling, cutting, and so much more.  THANK YOU!!!

Most of Thursday was spent in meetings about the upcoming year, but Friday I could finally sit down with my GLEAM (Grade Level tEAM) and plan.  We also got to meet some of the new kids coming into my room.  I will have 17 2nd graders and 9 1st graders.  Most of the 2nd graders I know from last year, but my 1st still seem to small.  Seeing them reminded me that I really did achieve my goal last year of creating independent learners.  Back to the drawing board I guess!  At least this year I know it is possible.

I'm excited to start the year.  Nervous, as I always am at the start of a new year, but excited.  It's a little daunting thinking about having to rebuild the community that was so strong by the end of the year last year.

Until I'm not too tired to blog again... 

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  1. You are welcome. I do love helping you out,and cant wait to meet all your new kidos and seeing the ones from last year! I am sure you will have a great year!